Himalayan Fruit&Nut

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Mixed fruit and nut – A piece of this chocolate will be an explosion of flavours in your mouth – citrusy apricots, plump raisins, chunky nuts and seeds playing around with the creamy and earthy notes of the cocoa in our dark chocolate. A bite into this bar takes you to a world of happiness, joy and warmth coated in molten chocolate. Are you ready for this treat?

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50 g


L-17cm x B-7.5cm


Standard Delivery takes about 5 – 8 days from the day of placing the order, depending on the delivery location.

4 reviews for Himalayan Fruit&Nut

  1. Dipesh Joshi

    Absolutely love this choclate. The Apricots and raisins are my favorite.

  2. Sanya

    Very tasty

  3. Sanya kathpal

    Very tasty

  4. Meeta

    Very tasty loved it want to buy again

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