Ladakhi Roasted Barley

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The delicious dark chocolate generously mixed with roasted barley gives you a nutty taste with a tinge of coffee and caramel-like flavours, getting crunchier with every bite. Apart from its robust flavour, barley is dense with fibre, vitamins and minerals like iron and zinc. As you dig in, the indigenous flavour takes you through the fields where ripe gold barley crops sway in unison in the villages of Ladakh.

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Weight 50 g

L-17cm x B-7.5cm


Standard Delivery takes about 5 – 8 days from the day of placing the order, depending on the delivery location.

5 reviews for Ladakhi Roasted Barley

  1. Himanshi Patle

    The original and different taste make it entirely different from other choclates. Its not just a chocolate bar its a happiness sweetness and a memory i took from himachal.
    Thankyou THC

  2. Titiksha Agarwal

    My friend got this chocolate for me when he went to Himachal…it was so crunchy and delicious. Must try.

  3. Erick Acocella

    Pretty! This was an extremely wonderful article. Thanks for providing this information.

  4. Tanuja


  5. Tanuja

    Op nice chocolate crunchy and delicious

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